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Implementing Personal Responsibility Requirements

MAXIMUS will host a webinar series discussing the operational implications of implementing personal responsibility requirements. The sessions will feature various subject matter experts from MAXIMUS and Health Management Associates sharing their insights into the proposed policies and their impact to Medicaid operations. All webinars need to be registered for individually.

Session 1 – The Landscape for Change 

Recording | Slides | November 2

Session 2 – Changes to Eligibility and Enrollment 

Recording | Slides | November 16 

Session 3 – New Financial Expectations 

Recording | Slides | December 14


Recent waiver requests reflect a growing emphasis on policy changes that encourage personal responsibility and self-reliance for adult Medicaid beneficiaries. As this approach has significant implications to Medicaid operations, it is essential states begin now to develop the checklist of changes required to implement these new policies.

CMS Rule for Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care: Continuing the Discussion

May 26: The Effects of the Rule on Long-Term Care
Recording | Slides | Follow Up Questions Blog

June 8: The New Beneficiary Support System Requirement
Recording | Slides

June 23: What the Provider Enrollment Rule Means Operationally for
States and MCOs, Including Network Adequacy
Recording | Slides

July 14: Tales from the Front Lines – Potential Ideas for how States can Implement Components of the Rule
Recording | Slides

CMS Rule for Medicaid and CHIP Managed Care:
What It Means for States

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) released a new rule affecting state Medicaid programs that use managed care organizations to deliver services to their beneficiaries. Among other provisions, the Rule provides protections and support for managed care beneficiaries, validating and enhancing the role historically played by Medicaid enrollment brokers. While some state processes and systems support the Rule, others will need to be adjusted or replaced to comply.

These experts cover the evolution of Medicaid managed care and share how the Rule will impact enrollment processing, choice counseling, consumer education and outreach, and LTSS.
Recorded WebinarSlides | Follow Up Questions Blog

Engaging Consumers Through Their Preferred Channels: Capitalizing on Mobile, Online and Social Platforms for Medicaid Programs

According to the Pew Research Center, 64 percent of Americans now own a smartphone. Their use extends beyond just communications, as it is also a primary device for accessing information. Through the use of mobile apps, responsive websites and social media, consumers are now managing their lives and conducting business, including interactions with their government, through these digital platforms. State Medicaid programs can seize the opportunity to engage their beneficiaries on their preferred channels by providing information and services through digital solutions.

In this webinar, MAXIMUS subject matter experts discuss the growing trend of communicating with Medicaid beneficiaries across digital platforms, to engage them when and where they prefer. They also share insights on how to develop strategies for creating and implementing tools consumers want to use and business case factors for using these platforms.
Recorded Webinar | Slides

Meeting the 1095-B Tax Form Requirement: Best Practices for Medicaid and CHIP Programs

The 1095-B tax form is a new health insurance tax form for the 2015 tax year that is required to be sent to all enrollees who received Medicaid and/or CHIP insurance coverage in 2015. The completed 1095-B tax form is used by enrollees to prove that they and their covered family members had Minimum Essential Coverage (MEC) during the year, as defined by the Affordable Care Act (ACA), when filing their 2015 taxes. In this webinar, MAXIMUS subject matter experts share their best practices from supporting state-based marketplaces with delivering the 1095-A form to consumers last year. They also provide additional approaches for distributing the 1095-B tax form and for managing the resulting influx of consumer inquiries.
Recorded Webinar | Slides
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"Re-imagining the Role of the MMIS in Medicaid Programs"

State Medicaid programs are undergoing a drastic shift in how they manage and deliver program benefits. In “breaking” with the traditional MMIS model, states are able to redefine how they conduct Medicaid business processes and shift the focus away from just processing claims to improved management of program participants, ensuring that have access to quality care. The new modularized MMIS is the key to building the Medicaid programs of the future. In this webinar, MMIS subject matter experts discuss why states should take a modular approach to their MMIS, as well as share their insights on how to make the move toward a modular approach when modernizing Medicaid programs.
Recorded Webinar | Slides
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“Tips for Evolving Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits Management Programs”

The role of the Medicaid Pharmacy Benefits Management (PBM) program is quickly changing. From rapid growth in enrollment from Medicaid expansion to the overall change in the nature and delivery of medications, states are looking for innovative ways to adapt their PBM programs to this new environment. In this webinar, our experts will share their insights on how Medicaid PBM programs can meet these new demands, including how to cope with the accelerating introduction of hyper-expensive and complex specialty therapies, how to rapidly adjust to rules changes, and how to effectively address the complexities of managing multiple PBM programs.   
Recorded Webinar | Slides
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“Lessons Learned from the Dual Eligibles Demonstrations: Real-Life Takeaways from California and Other States”

Dual eligibles, the approximately nine million individuals who qualify for both Medicare and Medicaid, account for a disproportionate share of health care costs for both programs. California pioneered a Dual Eligibles Demonstration that enrolled more than 120,000 eligible beneficiaries. In this webinar, Toby Douglas, former director of California’s Department of Health Care Services and their lead on the State’s Dual Eligibles program, and Barbara Selter, a MAXIMUS long-term care expert who has worked with many states on their demonstrations, shared insights into how these demonstrations were enacted, their successes and challenges, and how their lessons learned can be applied to other state demonstrations.

“Continuing the Conversation: Opportunities for State Innovation in Health Insurance Programs”

As a follow up to our live event on Section 1332 of the Affordable Care Act, MAXIMUS hosted a webinar with a panel of four influential thought leaders, discussing how Section 1332 can be used for innovation in state health insurance programs. John McDonough, Stuart Butler, Grace-Marie Turner and Len Nichols all presented their perspectives on the options states should be considering for greater flexibility in their programs.

"Opportunities for State Innovation in Health Insurance Programs"

MAXIMUS hosted a distinguished panel of experts who discussed creative ideas for states to implement in their public health insurance programs by using the 2017 State Innovation Waiver under Section 1332 of the Affordable Care Act. This waiver is a special provision which creates greater flexibility for how states provide health insurance coverage to their citizens and new initiatives for how they manage their Medicaid programs.
Recorded Webinar | Transcript

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