Translation Services

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Reaching across cultures to provide easy-to-understand health information in any language

Translation Services

To reach ethnically diverse populations, health program materials must be in the right language and at the right literacy level, and speak to the culture of the target population. The Center for Health Literacy’s Translation Services Group translates materials into many languages and adapts translations for readers with limited literacy.

Ensuring Excellent Quality Translations

We can help you assess the quality of your translations. Our independent reviewers use a comprehensive checklist that covers grammar, spelling and punctuation, formatting conformity, and cultural appropriateness, so you can pinpoint your translators’ strengths and weaknesses.

We conduct field testing in many languages so that you know when your translated documents are communicating effectively with the target audience.

Comprehensive Translation Services

  • Translating materials such as applications, brochures, letters, handbooks and forms
  • Adapting translations to be culturally and linguistically appropriate and relevant to consumers
  • Field testing translated materials to ensure effective communication
  • Helping you choose well-qualified bilingual staff
  • Supporting your team with the resources they need in their own languages
  • Evaluating the quality of your translated materials

Translation: A Must-Have Guide (Published July 2010

Translation: A Must-Have Guide is an illustrated manual written to help readers understand the translation process. This guide explains what's involved in translation — even when you don't know the language. Translation: A Must-Have Guide will take the mystery out of a process that's often intimidating and not well understood, and will leave you with the confidence that your translation is accurate, understandable and culturally appropriate for your audience. Download.