Writing, Design & Web Design

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Communicating health information in plain language

Writing, Design & Web Design

Almost half of the American public, including many Medicaid clients, has difficulty understanding and using information developed above the eighth-grade reading level. However, most health-related materials are written at a tenth-grade level or higher. The Center for Health Literacy writes in plain language, using common words that most readers can understand. We use inviting, clear and consistent design that promotes readability.

Making the Web Truly Friendly

We create websites that use straightforward navigation and a friendly, streamlined style, so that consumers can easily find the information they need. Our websites are suitable for a broad public audience, including visitors with limited literacy skills.

Comprehensive Writing & Design Services

  • Development or revision of informational and marketing materials
  • Plain language writing
  • Uncluttered, appealing graphic design
  • Easy-to-use and accessible websites that meet Section 508 guidelines
  • Multi-language translation and culturally appropriate communication materials

Connecting Practical Experience with Effective Communication

The Illinois workNet Program needed to simplify a series of Summer Youth Employment Activity Sheets, so they tapped into the MAXIMUS Center for Health Literacy to get the job done. These Activity Sheets were designed to enable clients to complete and track activities that might help them find and keep a job.

We streamlined the text, simplified the vocabulary, and gave the Activity Sheets clean and appealing designs. The newly designed Sheets are well-organized and easier to complete, and have proven to be a more effective tool for job-seeking youth. See the Activity Sheets before and after.