Outreach & Education

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Reaching individuals and empowering them to make informed choices about government programs and services

Outreach & Education

Individuals who have access to critical government services can achieve healthier and more financially stable lives, yet far too many eligible individuals are not enrolled. MAXIMUS helps government agencies connect with hard-to-reach, underserved populations through targeted outreach efforts and partnerships with trusted community-based organizations.

Informative, Easy-to-Understand Materials

We use plain language writing and formatting to create print and online materials that allow participants to make informed choices about government programs and services. Our publications feature visually appealing and welcoming designs, with clear information that makes it possible for most adults – even those with low literacy levels – to read and understand the most complex program information.

Empowering and Informing Participants

The materials we develop and the outreach we conduct allow government agencies to communicate effectively with their program participants. When complex requirements are transformed into clear instructions, informed participants can make meaningful choices.