PHE unwinding

Guiding agencies seamlessly through PHE unwinding

Resuming regular eligibility and enrollment operations is proving to be anything but "back to normal." State agencies are facing new challenges to unwind the public health emergency (PHE). Maximus has the experience to help you navigate the road ahead.

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Bridging the coverage gap: connecting consumers to federal and state-based marketplaces

After a three-year pause, states are resuming the recertification of Medicaid and CHIP eligibility for over 91 million people nationwide. Helping millions of Medicaid ineligible individuals find and enroll in affordable health coverage is critical to ensuring they retain access to healthcare. For many who lose Medicaid coverage, a state-based or federal marketplace coverage may be a viable option.

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Solutions to overcome any obstacle

Is your agency facing a backlog of redeterminations and recertifications with less staff? We can help make a seamless changeover, getting your business operations and service delivery "back to normal." Our 2-page overview "Unwinding Medicaid Continuous Enrollment" highlights our approach.

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Our capabilities for unwinding the PHE

Working closely with your agency, we'll make sure your transition is handled efficiently, empathetically, and equitably. Here are just a few of the services we can provide.

A trusted partner helping you tackle the challenges ahead

Revenue shortfalls, employee retention, and legacy systems are a few of the aftershocks facing state agencies as they begin to unwind years of emergency measures. At Maximus, we have the experience to navigate and tackle the next critical phase of unwinding the PHE. We are a trusted partner to states for a reason.

  • 47 years of partnering with state HHS agencies
  • 92 state and local health services programs supported
  • 18 UI programs supported during the pandemic
  • 11,000 clinical health professionals


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Comprehensive public health solutions

The Maximus Center for Health Innovation provides the latest technology and proven experience to help federal, state, and local governments move public health forward. We help modernize health data, systems, and programs effectively and at scale by leveraging innovative technology and digitally enabled customer services. We partner with governments to respond to population health needs and emerging public health threats while enabling the modernization of our national health infrastructure.

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