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Pivoting to work from home

(Continued from CEO message on COVID-19)

Our ability to deploy HIPAA-compliant work from home capabilities enables us to maintain operational continuity and assist program participants remotely for more complex services, including clinical and social assessments required to access important government benefits and services.

Most importantly, we believe we are forging a path forward for government services longer term. The pandemic offers us a unique opportunity to test and learn new models with full support from our clients. It gives us the opportunity to trial new ways of serving and engaging citizens who, now more than ever, need access to vital services. We also gain an entirely new data set related to citizen engagement, channel preferences, and agent performance which enables us to optimize this model. This also allows us long-term to evaluate the optimal environment for each individual employee. While not every employee is best matched to a remote work environment, the results from early pilots indicate no statistically significant reduction in agent performance on the contracts being measured. This type of robust data will be meaningful in solutioning new delivery methods.

As we move into the next phase of this pandemic, we believe one of the most important ways to safeguard employees, keep operations running, and ensure citizens can access the services they need is to implement an employee wellness check before and during their workday.

Our digital team developed a health assessment mobile application called, Clear2Work. An employee will use the app before coming to work each day. The app takes them through a series of questions including a self-administered temperature check. The app either clears an employee to come to work or instructs them to stay at home that day. If the employee is cleared, they’re given a time-limited digital credential to show when they arrive at work, and then complete a second temperature check during their day. The app was developed and implemented in roughly two weeks and is being systematically deployed across operational sites in the United States. We will review other geographic rollouts based on local health guidance and requirements. In concert with this, we’ve also implemented a mandatory face covering policy across our U.S. operations while ensuring our sourcing approach protects supplies to front line health professionals.

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