Service Centers

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Improving institutional Service Centers with in-depth needs assessments and reviews

Service Center Needs Assessments
& Comprehensive Service Center Reviews

The MAXIMUS Higher Education Practice is a partner you can trust to help you design and implement a service center for your academic institution that is effective, efficient and compliant.

Comprehensive Service Center Review

MAXIMUS also offers customized support for your institution’s existing or future service center. Comprehensive reviews may include:

Rate Development Process for:
  • Service Centers
  • Recharge Centers
  • Specialized Service Centers
  • Core Facilities
  • Internal Service Providers
  • Animal Research Facilities
Policy and procedure review for service center operations, including:
  • Policies for new service center creation
  • Planning for capital improvements and equipment
  • Treatment of surplus and deficit costs

Benefits of MAXIMUS Service Center Support

Efficient and Affordable
  • Streamlined approach
  • Competitively priced for small, medium and large institutions
Systematic and Effective
  • Industry standard best practices for shared facilities
  • Policies and procedures
  • Rate templates
Professional and Reliable
  • Professional and experienced staff
  • Presentation of findings and recommendations

Free Needs Assessment

We are pleased to offer a free, four-hour needs assessment for your institution.

  • The assessment includes a questionnaire to be completed by your institution on the current state of policies and procedures, compliant rate setting processes, gaps in review processes, and other audit targets.
  • Based on your responses, MAXIMUS consultants will prepare, review and deliver a report on the risks and gaps in your service center program.