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MAXIMUS provides online Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) Level I screening, online Level of Care utilization review for long-term care populations, and onsite, independent PASRR Level II mental health and Level of Care evaluations.

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  • System Transition to AssessmentPro Announced for June 8th | Learn More About Preparing Your Facility for This Upcoming Change

    As shared in late February's Quarterly Provider Newsletter, the State of Connecticut, through the Department of Social Services has made the decision to migrate from its current system processes for Preadmission Screening and Resident Review (PASRR) submissions over to the web-based AssessmentPro system. Already making an impact in other PASRR assessment management programs across the country, AssessmentPro is currently targeted for a Monday, June 8th launch date.
    Developed with strict adherence to state and federal compliance guidelines, this gold standard tool will bring some important changes to the PASRR program. Over the next several months, we will be sharing all the process updates, training opportunities and resource materials needed to prepare you for launch, including:

    • AssessmentPro benefits for Providers
    • Preview of upcoming learning sessions
    • Next steps in the system transition
    • Connecticut PASRR Help Desk contacts

    Benefits: A Closer Look at AssessmentPro
    As part of the upcoming transition, changes to assessors' processes will benefit those we serve, resulting in assessments that paint a more defined picture of each individual's service needs.

    Though AssessmentPro brings expanded options and a more intuitive, streamlined package, Connecticut providers will only see minimal changes to their existing PASRR processes.  Below are a couple of key benefits for providers and other system users.

    1. Simplified Processes
      Providers who work for multiple facilities will only need one AssessmentPro login to access the system. You will simply toggle to the appropriate facility as necessary.
    2. Expanded Resources
      Providers will have access to a large array of detailed system training and support materials behind the AssessmentPro system login.

    Sneak Peek: AssessmentPro Training Opportunities
    In the weeks ahead of the planned transition, we will share registration details for multiple learning sessions and webinars covering a wide range of topics to ensure that your facility is ready to begin using this new online system on day one.

    • User Roles & Account Setup
    • AssessmentPro User Basics
    • PASRR Overview

    Next Steps: Bringing the Pieces Together
    Keeping you informed will remain a vital responsibility for MAXIMUS throughout the transition process. As more details become available in the coming weeks, we will continue to reach out with updates as we move toward the June 8th AssessmentPro migration - sharing timely updates, learning opportunities, as well as more instructional details on process changes and new support resources.
    We appreciate your continued partnership, feedback, and most importantly, the critical role you play in the assessment process for the thousands of individuals positively impacted by these programs each year.

    Support: Connecticut PASRR Help Desk
    Do you have questions about the upcoming system transition to the AssessmentPro web-based tool? Contact your Connecticut PASRR Help Desk for more information:

    Phone: 833.92.PASRR (833.927.2777)


  • Improvements to Current PASRR System & Processes Coming Soon | Best Practice Reminders | New Web Resources to Replace on 2/25

    We're pleased to introduce you to AssessmentPro, a game-changing, gold standard web tool slated to replace the state's current PASRR online system later this year. Developed for strict adherence to state compliance guidelines, AssessmentPro is already making a big impact in other PASRR programs across the country. Below is a brief overview of next steps and instructional content you'll begin receiving in the coming weeks about this important transition. Also, check out some important provider best practice reminders and an update on the new CT PASRR Provider Tools and Resource page.

    Sneak Peek: New PASRR System Coming Later in 2020!
    As we move toward the launch of AssessmentPro, the industry leading online system for management of the PASRR assessment process, keeping you connected with transition updates and resources is one of our most critical goals. Stay tuned in the coming weeks for the more information on next steps, including:

    • Process Guides: Understand what's changing, with a helpful overview of AssessmentPro processes and procedures.
    • System Benefits: Walk-through of the positive impact this new tool can have for the provider community and most importantly, those we serve together across Connecticut.
    • Account Registration: Step-by-step instructions to create your new account for the new system
    • Learning Opportunities: Dates and registration details for both webinars and on-site events


    Best Practices: Reminders for Facility Staff
    TIP 1:
    Be sure to plan as early as possible to assure a safe, orderly discharge. The PASRR review process should not be used in lieu of discharging a person who no longer meets medical necessity for continued stay.
    TIP 2: Remember to contact Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services (DMHAS) for assistance with community transition for individuals with serious mental illness or substance use diagnoses.


    Process Update: New Tools and Resources Page to Replace Tomorrow, 2/25
    As shared in earlier communications, a new Provider Tools and Resources page was launched in fall 2019 on the site. Featuring a more user-friendly, responsive layout and formatting easily viewable on mobile and hand-held devices, this new resource can be found here:

    Be sure to review and bookmark this new link as soon as possible. Beginning tomorrow evening, Tuesday, February 25th, the CT PASRR page currently found on will be decommissioned and attempts to reach that page will redirect you to the new site listed above.