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Thomas Romeo

General Manager, U.S. Federal Services Segment (outgoing)

Thomas Romeo brings more than 30 years of government contracting and operations experience to Maximus. Mr. Romeo joined Maximus in 2011 and serves as the General Manager of Maximus Federal (outgoing) where he is responsible for all operations, financial and business development activities for the Company’s U.S. federal business. Mr. Romeo has been integral in expanding the Company’s federal business line and broadening the client base that Maximus serves, which has led to substantial growth. Previously, Mr. Romeo was a Senior Executive for Accenture's health and human services business. Before that, he worked for IBM for 25 years in various capacities in the company's federal general government, education, healthcare, NASA, social services, financial services, and global business services portfolios. Mr. Romeo has extensive experience in government contracting and information technology. Mr. Romeo earned his B.S. in accounting from the State University of New York, where he also earned his associate degree in applied science business administration. He holds an M.S. in management information systems from the University of Maryland, College Park.