WebSpace Survey Tool

A powerful space survey tool that's CFR 200 compliant

WebSpace allows department administrators to conduct a space survey as part of the F&A rate proposal development - enabling them to produce a defensible space survey that that can maximize the negotiation of F&A rates. WebSpace can also be used to meet state requirements pertaining to space information.

  • Providing a Space-Base Match

    WebSpace is ERP-agnostic and fully integrates with our Comprehensive Rate Information System (CRIS), allowing institutions to match research-coded space with financial accounts mapped to an organized research base. This space-base match and analysis is a critical part of conducting and validating space surveys.

  • Key Benefits and Features
    • Reduces overhead costs and maximizes F&A reimbursement
    • Provides flexible configuration
    • Allows for conducting annual inventory
    • Provides an easy process if using alternative space methodology approach
    • Allows for prior survey archival and comparison
    • Provides space utilization analysis
    • Displays Payroll distribution information for all occupants
    • Allows display of floor plans by department and clustered labs Includes a built-in approval process
    • Provides management reporting for various roles, including ad hoc reporting
    • Sends automated delinquent alerts
    • Fully integrates with CRIS
  • Flexible Implementation

    Maximus offers two options for institutions to use WebSpace – license or software as a service (SaaS). The license option is ideal if your institution conducts space surveys on an annual basis and you have dedicated IT resources for system support. The SaaS option is best suited if your institution conducts space survey once every three to four years and your IT support is limited. With SaaS, we run and maintain the system, so you can focus on analyzing the survey results.

  • WebSpace Services
    • Installation (license option only)
    • Data collection and analysis
    • Central and department administrator training
    • Follow-up sessions with departments
    • Helpdesk and troubleshooting assistance
    • Quality review of space results