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2022 NASWA Summit │ September 20-22 │ Chicago

We are the bridge between people and services

At Maximus, we serve as the bridge between people and services. That’s why our focus is holistic, with a people-first design at the core of all we do. We work on the frontlines every day, serving UI claimants and job seekers, employers, people with disabilities, and our agency clients. As a leading provider of health and human services consulting and operations management, we deliver on the promise of innovative, technology-supported, people-first solutions.

We are Maximus. We move people forward.

Shaping a new ecosystem of support

COVID-19 has forever changed the way employment support is delivered — from the way states process UI claims, to the way employers find workers, to the way job seekers approach work. Today, states are laying out a new vision to support job seekers and employers. As government’s go-to partner for changing the status quo, we’re uniquely equipped to turn these ideas into reality.

Let’s rethink what’s possible
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Ensuring program integrity; preventing fraud, waste and abuse

The events of the past several years have demonstrated just how important security, checks and balances, and the right partners are to minimizing fraud. Our proven expertise, coupled with innovative technology, can help your program identify, research, and mitigate fraud, waste and abuse.

Read our blog on protecting program integrity
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Offering brighter futures for vulnerable populations

Studies indicate roughly 40 percent of children in foster care and adults on TANF have a mental and/or physical disability. Helping vulnerable populations live independent, productive lives necessitates connecting them with the supports they need to succeed – starting with access to SSI/SSDI benefits. With decades of experience providing eligibility, assessment, and advocacy services, Maximus can help.

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Alternative and flexible approaches to address staffing gaps

The talent pipeline continues to evolve for job seekers and workers alike regarding the attributes they desire for employment. This is equally true for employers who must attract and retain internal talent. Government has seen an increased need for alternative and flexible approaches to address staffing gaps. From basic customer service functions and case processing to complex case management, technology support, and program integrity, we can help. Implement staffing models that effectively meet your vision for the future, augment your team’s bandwidth as-needed, meet ongoing and sudden spikes in demand, and satisfy program requirements with the go-to partner for changing the status quo – Maximus.

To learn more about how we help, stop by our exhibit booth at the NASWA Summit.

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Meet our team at the 2022 NASWA Summit

Doug Howard

Senior Vice President, U.S. Health and Human Services

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Laura Rosenak

Senior Vice President, Strategic Benefits Solutions

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Dan Blitz

Vice President, Business Development

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Melissa Royal

Senior Director, Strategic Benefits Solutions

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