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Outlook tutorial video

New Hires have reached out for assistance when being redirected from to the O365 OWA link. The more common issues experienced at this level are entering the provided username and/or password incorrectly enough times to lock out their MAXCORP domain account. If new staff are experiencing trouble accessing or logging into their Maximus email account, including errors opening the url or username/password errors, this video will show you how to connect and log in.

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OneLogin tutorial video

When new staff begin the OneLogin process, there seems to be significant confusion over what device to install the OneLogin Protect application on, and then how to register that device in their OneLogin profile. Often-times, users will attempt to either install the App intended for the cell phone onto their PC or to access their OneLogin profile on the mobile phone, therefore making it impossible to scan a QR code. In this video tutorial, we show you how to install the app on your phone, how to access your OneLogin Protect profile on your PC, how to register your mobile phone to create a default two-factor authentication token, and finally, how to access the MFA code from the OneLogin app.

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Amazon WorkSpaces tutorial video

After you receive an email that your Amazon WorkSpace (AWS WS) is ready, then you are required to follow a provided link to and download and install AWS WS. We have seen issues where staff download the incorrect version of the software, i.e. the Windows version for a Mac, or the Mac version for Windows. Once successfully installed, staff are required to register their AWS WS with a provisioned code specific to their employee ID. After registering, they are required to log in with the MAXCorp employee ID and password and the 6-digit MFA (multifactor authentication) code. Staff tend to get a little lost during this somewhat lengthy process. In this video tutorial, we show you how to navigate through the software installation, register your WorkSpace and successfully log into your AWS WS desktop.

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