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Welcome WICSEC 2022 Annual Training Conference attendees

Transformative Connections. Empowering Success.

November 6 – 10 │ Santa Fe, New Mexico │ Visit booth #23

We are the bridge between families and services

At Maximus, we serve as the bridge between families and services. Together with our state and local government partners, we work with the whole family to help them overcome barriers, access supports, and achieve economic mobility. From delivering child support and employment services to connecting families with resources and healthcare, we serve as a bridge between families and the services they need to thrive.

Join us for a special presentation!

Findings from the Behavioral Intervention of Child Support Services (BICS) and Procedural Justice-Informed Alternatives to Contempt (PJAC) demonstrations emphasize the importance of communication in effectively engaging parents in the child support process. The methods agencies use to communicate with parents also show up in the journey toward trauma-informed case management. How might agencies leverage these communication strategies toward executing more trauma-informed programs? The practice of motivational interviewing has increasingly appeared as a trauma-informed communication tool that enhances autonomy, cultivates empathy, and moves individuals toward meaningful goals. During this workshop, we will review best practices for building and sustaining motivational interviewing skills among project staff through a trauma-informed lens. Come hungry to learn and gain tips to expand upon your professional role.

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How we help

We work with both parents to ensure children receive the financial and emotional support they need and deserve to thrive. With expertise across the full spectrum of child support services, we deliver best practices and innovations that empower our clients’ programs to achieve their ambitious goals. Just as importantly, our staff is as knowledgeable as they are compassionate – reassuring parents that we are on their side and here to help. We also partner with employers to ensure they comply with their child support reporting obligations – expediting the collection of support so important to children and families.

What we do

We understand that the child support process can be daunting to parents. That’s why we work hard to make it as easy to understand and navigate as possible. From order initiation and paternity establishment through order modification and locate services, we provide a combination of personalized and self-service options, employing technology to communicate with parents using the methods they prefer. Our work with employers involves educating and guiding them through the new hire reporting process, as well as how to respond to income withholding and medical support orders.

Why we’re unique

As the national leader in child support services, Maximus serves as a trusted partner to state and county agencies across the nation. Our decades of experience translate to unmatched operational efficiencies, enhanced program performance, and the ability to provide families with the highest level of service. And because we operate other types of health and human services programs, we are uniquely positioned to connect parents to additional vital services they may need, including education and employment assistance as well as healthcare.

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Pat Aguilar

Senior Vice President, Program Modernization Consulting

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Angela Foster

Project Director, Child Support Services

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Autumn Morgan

Project Director, Workforce Services

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Natalie Johnson

Project Director, Child Support Services

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Theresa Emig

Senior Manager, Program Modernization Consulting

Erika Cross

Manager, Workforce Services

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Talice Thomas

Outreach Manager, Child Support Services

Danielle Valdez Jimenez

Outreach Supervisor, New Hire and Employer Services

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Rachel Wheeler

Team Lead, Child Support Services

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Danielle Williams

Quality Assurance/Training Coordinator, Child Support Services

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