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Helping agencies create a better life for children and families

At Maximus, we are dedicated to helping agencies create a better life for children and families. Together with our state and local government partners, we work with the whole family to help them overcome barriers, access support, and achieve economic mobility. From delivering child support and employment services to connecting families with resources and healthcare, we serve as a bridge between families and the services they need to thrive.

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Delivering expertise across the full spectrum of child support services – and beyond

Making a difference across the nation

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Developing co-parenting and fatherhood programs

In Tennessee, we’re partnering with nonprofit Families Matter and national experts to:

  • Increase low-income fathers’ engagement with their children
  • Help parents create practical co-parenting plans
  • Provide employment services that help fathers achieve stability and support their children


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Embracing family engagement over punitive strategies

In Michigan, we’re leveraging technology to:

  • Develop an incarceration data portal that proactively pauses child support while a parent is unable to work 
  • Help incarcerated parents avoid the burden of arrears
  • Omit the need to pursue uncollectable debt


Paternity acknowledgment programs

In Kentucky, Louisiana, New Jersey, and Ohio, we’re partnering with birthing facilities, child support agencies, community organizations, and parents to:

  • Educate parents on the importance of establishing paternity for both parents and their children
  • Conduct outreach and training to key program partners on the paternity process
  • Design and operate innovative paternity programs that help states achieve the 90% PEP goal


Improving early childhood programming into the future

COVID-19 exposed the fragility of an early childhood care system that didn’t have the financial resources to weather an unexpected pandemic. But it also made clear the value of those same providers.

Discover how we helped childcare providers navigate the challenges and improve
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Meet our team at WICSEC

Pat Aguilar

Senior Vice President, Program Modernization Consulting

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Vice President, Program Modernization Consulting

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Director, Program Modernization Consulting

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Project Manager, Child Support Services