Investing in our Bogalusa employees and communities

At Maximus, we want our employees to unlock their true potential. We help them to advance their careers and empower them to become more. We recognize how we work is as important to our people as what we accomplish. We are committed to supporting our people to explore, learn, and grow.

Moving employees forward

We provide opportunities for employees to turn a job into a long-lasting career. Resume workshops, team building, and free learning resources are just a few of the ways we help with their career. Hear from our employees about our culture of advancement.

Our employees are active members of the Bogalusa community

Our employees share a desire to make a difference – both in their work and in the community they call home.

Over the last year, they have hosted a Toys for Tots drive, provided food and supplies donations through the Bogalusa Help Center and United Way, and donated school supplies to the Bogalusa School District. Currently, they are partnering with Tri-Parish Works to provide interview tips, resume building, and mock interviews for the community.

Impacting the community

We thrive because of our communities and the people that live and work in the area. At Maximus, we believe in making investments in our social responsibilities and engage in activities that further local causes. We are committed to supporting our people are moving people forward. Hear what our employees have to say about they are impacting their communities.

Moving people forward as a corporate citizen

Maximus and our staff are more than the work we do. We choose to work in ways that maximize our positive impact while minimizing the environmental impacts we make on communities.

How we work

Bobbi Sanders

"What I love the most is I learn new things every single day. I am grateful for my journey and the opportunities I’ve had to grow."

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Jennifer Gordon

"Maximus invests in their staff. They pay it forward by preparing individuals to step out of their comfort zone and pulling others up."

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Michael Stubb

"The best part of working my way up in the company was knowing that the program will provide me with the tools I need to be successful."

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Roderick Vales

"Almost every company that I’ve worked for states that they 'promote from within.' I am a living testimony that Maximus does exactly that."

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Sharonda Roberts

"As a supervisor, I realized that I have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. My greatest pleasure is to develop employees into the best CSRs that they can be."

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Sue Heuring

"Each day brings a new opportunity to help someone grow and develop, and I grow as they grow."

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