Helping government serve the people

At the national, state, and local level, we transform public policy into programs that change lives.

Success comes from aligning three goals

Helping government

It all starts with understanding your unique challenges. We know the complexities of running public programs because it's our sole focus.

Serving people

We never forget government programs have the power to transform lives. That's why we're continually enhancing access and ease of use for citizens.

Improving outcomes

Programs are more than processes and rules. Our ongoing focus is ensuring policy translates into outcomes that matter.

Achieving success

With more than 45 years of experience administering programs, Maximus is able to align the inner workings of government, the needs of people and the goals of public policy for breakthrough results.


CEO Message: COVID-19 Pandemic

Bruce Caswell shares his perspectives on our "new normal" and describes how our mission and values guide our response as we do our part to help governments serve the needs of people during these uncertain times.

Real-world solutions for forward-thinking leaders

We have a distinct vision of government. Where citizens connect with services more efficiently. Leading-edge technology and the human touch work hand in hand. And increased accuracy, accountability and productivity are part of every program. See where and how we’re implementing this vision.