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Image of a child holding their drawing in hands

Our Managing Director for Clinical Services, Joanna Morgan, has authored “Addressing the Youth Mental Health Emergency: Lessons from New Hampshire’s Comprehensive Response,” one of the featured articles in the Summer 2023 issues of Policy & Practice, which is focused on child and youth mental health.

Joanna lays out the growing concern of youth mental health in America and highlights the approach New Hampshire has taken to address the needs of children and families statewide by way of public-private partnerships and leveraging technology to align agency functions.


"The CAT program is unique in its design and implementation. They did the hard work to break down silos between agencies and stakeholders and then aligned services across multiple program areas—ensuring that all children in the state can access conflict-free assessments to determine their behavioral health needs no matter how families reach out for help."

— Christa Ballew, Vice President for Clinical Services

Read Joanna’s full article in  Policy & Practice | Summer 2023