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Dr. John Boyer, Chairman of the Maximus Foundation, recognized that the work of Malta House of Care Clinic aligned with the Foundation’s mission to give back to the communities Maximus serves, such as Hartford.

“The heroic efforts of Malta House of Care and its team of volunteers are essential to improving access to healthcare for many of Hartford’s most underserved populations,” shared Dr. Boyer. “I’m so proud of this partnership and the positive impact it has made on the lives of thousands of people and in the community.”

Image of Malta House volunteers

Serving the greater Hartford, Connecticut area, Malta House of Care provides high-quality, free primary healthcare services to uninsured adults. Through the volunteer support of physician, nurse, and medical professionals, Malta House of Care’s mobile medical clinic visits multiple neighborhoods every week, providing physicals, testing, medications, immunizations, and other primary healthcare needs. In September 2022, the Malta House of Care will open a brand new state-of-the-art fixed clinic site in addition to the mobile clinic. This new facility will see patients two days a week at a mobile site, thus allowing the mobile medical clinic to visit new locations in the future.

Many of the people Malta House of Care serves come from the Hartford area’s estimated 25,000 undocumented immigrants. Immigration status is never asked, which builds the level of trust among the diverse population that represented 51 countries, speaking at least 32 languages in 2021. Many of the patients live with one or more chronic disease, such as diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol, obesity, or asthma, placing them at high risk for cardiovascular disease and live in medically underserved communities. Free healthcare is essential for these patients, who would otherwise go without needed medical attention–or would ultimately end up in a local hospital emergency room.

A grant from the Maximus Foundation helped support the operation of the mobile medical clinic, including medical consultations, diagnostic testing, radiology, and medication prescriptions. It also helped Malta House of Care quickly respond to the pandemic by providing testing and vaccinations for many of Hartford’s uninsured, for which Malta House of Care received recognition for its efforts. Additionally, it enabled Malta House of Care to hire both a bilingual patient navigator and a trilingual Certified Medical Translator to help address the difficulties in accessing culturally competent care that can often prevent people with the greatest health needs from receiving services.

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