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As we celebrate National Small Business Week, we want to highlight our commitment to partnering with small businesses. At Maximus, we value the unique skills and solutions that small businesses bring to the table, and we actively seek out opportunities to collaborate with them on government projects.

Identifying small business partners with unique offerings

One of the ways we partner with small businesses is by having in-depth conversations with a variety of companies to learn about their skillset and past performance. By doing so, we are able to identify potential partners who can help us meet the unique needs of our clients and deliver high-quality services. We also look to have these conversations in advance of any RFP release so that we can collaborate and gather intel as a group and ensure that we are checking all the boxes of proper capture activities.

Our Partnership Office plays a key role in this process, meeting with multiple companies weekly to learn about what they do and where they are performing that work. These companies are captured in our partnership database and can be found again when the need arises. This proactive approach to partnership development helps us build long-lasting relationships with small businesses that share our values and commitment to excellence.

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Establishing solid relationships

As companies establish their presence in the market, they have the potential to become a trusted partner for Maximus. For instance, we have partnered with the same Women-Owned Small Business that offers contact center services and have supported us on numerous contracts. Having a reliable partner like this allows us to address any needs with confidence, especially when there are tight deadlines involved. Similarly, when they identify opportunities where they plan to serve as the prime contractor, they turn to us for support from a larger business. This reciprocal relationship underscores the importance of fostering and maintaining strategic partnerships in today's competitive marketplace.

Partnering with small businesses is important for several reasons. First and foremost, it helps us build a more diverse and inclusive supply chain that reflects the communities we serve. Small businesses bring a unique perspective and set of skills to the table, which can help us innovate and find new solutions to complex problems. There are many benefits to Maximus when we partner with small businesses. By leveraging the expertise and resources of small businesses, we are able to expand our capabilities and offer more comprehensive solutions to our clients. We are also able to tap into new markets and gain access to specialized skills and technologies that might otherwise be out of reach.

Our partnership with a HUBZone and Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business (SDVOSB) is another great example of a small business partnership, having been partners with them for over seven years. The SDVOSB has proven to be a dependable ally, and we have included them as a subcontractor whenever feasible. Our relationship with them has been nothing but positive, and we have even formed a Mentor Protege Joint Venture. By combining our cutting-edge technologies and business process services, the Joint Venture can assist our government clients in delivering exceptional services and customer experiences across a range of domains, including Contact Centers, Healthcare, Business Process Operations, Eligibility, Enrollment, Verification Services, and Program Management.

Fostering a shared trust to harness untapped innovation

Partnering with small businesses is a critical part of our process for bidding on government work. The government has set goals for the percentage of federal contracts that should be awarded to small businesses, and partnering with small businesses helps our clients meet those goals. It also allows us to form collaborative teams that can work together to deliver the best possible outcomes for our clients.

We are working to establish and cultivate long-term partnerships that are built upon mutual trust. These partnerships bring many advantages, including diverse thinking, new skills, and increased responsiveness. Maximizing participation and performance in government contracting for small businesses helps to create new jobs, expands entrepreneurship, and brings forth untapped innovation.

We are proud to partner with small businesses and celebrate the contributions they make to our economy. Through National Small Business Week, we are proud to recognize the important role Small Businesses play in federal contracting work and appreciate the partnerships we have developed.