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Cloud migration is poised to provide many benefits to federal health agencies as they transition systems, applications, data, and other assets as part of overall digital modernization efforts. From web and mobile applications to high performance computing, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), moving to cloud or hybrid cloud environments can help improve agility, reduce costs (when deployed expertly), boost data and application availability, and increase productivity, among other benefits. These advantages are particularly important as health agencies look to meet the needs of a diverse population and provide better health outcomes through improved customer experiences, addressing issues of inequity and data for improved decision-making.

Modern efforts to address these goals are increasingly leverage AI and ML in a number of ways. For example, agencies are automating the availability and dissemination of health information, developing patient and provider portals for self-service, leveraging data analytics and insights to inform diagnoses, treatment plans, and healthcare decisions; and connecting a proliferation of smart medical devices and associated data that can be shared via the Internet of Things (IoT). The opportunities for these AI- and ML-driven innovations to improve healthcare are vast, yet they also present formidable challenges to health agencies with limited budgets and other barriers to technology adoption. This includes compliance and cybersecurity considerations, as well as pressure to demonstrate maximum value from new technology rollouts in the form of real healthcare results. Addressing these challenges requires federal health agencies to leverage the right partner with deep and demonstrated expertise in technology solutions specifically designed to address their mission-critical needs.

The powerful combination of healthcare experts and trusted technology

Maximus combines over 40 years of deep expertise in health services alongside our role as a technology service provider to help federal health agencies establish comprehensive digital modernization plans using the right mix of innovative solutions to turn those plans into reality. As an Alliance Partner to the world’s largest cloud provider, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Maximus can provide federal agencies with AWS expertise and a comprehensive suite of services. This includes everything from cloud migration, modernization, cybersecurity, data analytics and data management, AI and ML, to deployment, ongoing management, and optimization.

Let’s take a closer look at the AI and ML advantages and value health agencies can expect from Maximus in strategic partnership with AWS.

Addressing emerging and expanding citizen needs with AI and ML

The need for expanded citizen services and improved equity of healthcare access has been brought into focus over the past few years. AI and ML tools became key resources to help address the need for automated information access, vaccine appointments, and more. However, the need for these tools far exceeded their deployment and system capacity at the time, revealing a vital lesson learned that expansion of these tools and systems to support them will be critical to address the needs of growing populations and emerging health crises. Indeed, AI and ML have the potential to revolutionize healthcare, assisting human healthcare providers and patients alike to empower higher levels of care. As these technologies continue to advance, opportunities for health agencies to leverage them will only increase. Careful planning to ensure they are deployed with data security and compliance at the foreground will be key to successful planning, implementation, and establishment of trust in their use, enabling health agencies to better serve citizens and achieve their objectives.

Maximus’s work in strategic partnership with AWS has demonstrated technical acumen and insight in addressing these needs. Providing a vast range of scalable, cost-effective cloud solutions that prioritize data management, compliance, and security, AWS solutions in combination with Maximus expertise help accelerate technology adoption and time to value. Our Digital Experience Hub (DXHub), for example, demonstrates the power of leveraging AWS solutions for native mobile applications and mobile-responsive web services, helping government agencies respond to spikes in volume of citizen service requests and needs with patient self-service options and web-based content management for business users. Specifically architected for the cloud, these solutions provide improved customer experience and satisfaction ratings, objectively higher quality of service, higher efficiencies, and lower program administration costs, allowing specialized staff to focus on high-value tasks.

A culture of innovation, strengthened by Strategic Partnership

Maximus’s culture of continuous innovation is strengthened in partnership with AWS, working in close collaboration to roll out digital modernization solutions with efficiency and expertise. Our business processing services in combination with integrated AWS technology create better experiences for government agencies overall and program administrators in particular. In delivering modernized AWS cloud architectures, Maximus experts enable agencies to better maintain new technology, achieve continuous authorization to operate (cATO), and update applications and services quickly as organization and customer needs evolve.

Always on the cusp of new innovation, both Maximus and AWS have a keen eye on the outlook for AI and ML tools to enhance the operational effectiveness of government agencies. Our strategic partnership includes identifying opportunities to collaborate on prototyping and testing of new tools for specific business use cases, in addition to ideating on novel and specific AWS solution uses that can solve unique challenges for government clients. In short, this trusted partnership opens the door to greater innovation, both through existing AWS solutions and others on the horizon. In addition, our combined experience provides in-depth best practices for government agencies to guide them through successful delivery of projects that will transform how they deliver mission success.

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