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As a large business, Maximus knows that mentorship is an essential component of success for small businesses, and we understand how valuable it can be for companies looking to grow their business. Mentorship is about learning from someone who can provide guidance, share experiences, and help avoid common pitfalls. Having the right mentor can be a valuable source of knowledge and insight, and by providing a unique perspective, mentors can help small businesses identify new opportunities, make smarter decisions, and stay focused on the big picture.

The federal government currently has several mentor-protégé programs to assist small businesses. These programs are a business development initiative in which an established and experienced business (mentor) works closely with a smaller and less experienced business (protégé) to help them grow and succeed. These agreements provide a framework for mentors to guide the small business proteges, helping them navigate the complex world of government contracting while developing the skills and capabilities needed to succeed. By partnering with established businesses, small businesses can gain access to resources, training, and expertise that they may not have on their own.

At Maximus, we recognize that we have an important role to play in supporting the small business community. That is why we are committed to providing mentorship to multiple small business partners, our protégés. We believe that by lending our resources, and sharing our expertise and experiences, we can help these small businesses overcome challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve their goals. As these companies navigate the challenges of government contracting, we are here for them whenever they need guidance and support.

We believe that mentorship is a critical component of success for small businesses, and we're committed to doing our part to support the small business community. We encourage other large businesses to join us in this effort and to invest in the success of small businesses.

Interested in becoming a small business partner or protégé, reach out to our team at