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We’ve experienced just how interconnected ― and easily disrupted ― our world can be. Through it all, Maximus rises to the challenge of making vital services available to the public and supporting the mission of our customers. We apply our deep operational expertise, technology innovation, and digitally enabled customer engagement in new ways ― and often at remarkable speed. We challenge assumptions, develop solutions, and are sought out by governments to solve complex problems.

But ultimately, what we do is improve people’s lives. And that is a testament to the ingenuity, commitment, and compassion everyone brings to their role at Maximus and the dedication they have to their program’s mission.

As we look to the possibilities and challenges of the future, we also look inward to assess and strengthen those qualities that make Maximus unique. Research, discussions, and surveys conducted across all of Maximus confirmed what we’ve long believed. At Maximus, we share an authentic desire to do something meaningful to help others succeed. This is the Maximus culture and the bedrock of our brand identity. It’s who we are.

Today we are launching a new logo and brand to reflect the forward-thinking mindset that fuels our work. In particular, moving people forward represents the following aspects of our culture:

  • We are connectors. We are the bridge between people and services. Championing our customers’ mission to deliver results for every person requesting services. We believe in closing the gaps between those who offer support and those who need it.
  • We are innovators. We believe in the promise of technology and data to drive insights that make our services more customer-centric and impactful. Applying leading technologies to human problems with empathy and insight, we uncover opportunities to change lives.
  • We are problem solvers. We partner with our customers to advance their critical missions. Applying deep domain expertise and enabling technologies, we transform and modernize government programs, making them more responsive, flexible, and secure.

As we look to the future, it's evident governments face complex technology, health, economic, environmental, and social challenges. Maximus is the strategic partner that can innovate and elevate governments’ approach to service delivery and empower their response to the challenges they face with agility, innovation, service quality, and impact. To be that partner, we draw upon the authenticity, ingenuity, and a deep sense of purpose that embodies everyone at Maximus.

I look forward to sharing more about our forward-looking vision and initiatives in the coming weeks as we continue the rollout of our refreshed brand, vision, and strategy.

We are Maximus. Moving people forward.