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This month at Maximus, we took a major step toward our goal of growing our digital transformation capabilities to better serve our federal clients. Our acquisition of the Federal division of Attain, a remarkable company with a sterling reputation in the federal market, enables this.

As we welcome our new Maximus | Attain colleagues, I want to give an overview of why this acquisition was so important, what it means, and what’s ahead.

First, Maximus and Attain share a common purpose. We support mission-critical federal programs that deliver results that matter to the people that our government serves. We are both rooted in a commitment to excellence and a passion for serving others, and we have the experience and the drive necessary to meaningfully improve outcomes for our clients — and for the citizens they serve. For people.

Together, we can do that even better. We now have even more in-house expertise and, with that, a greater ability to develop and deliver innovations that address our clients’ toughest challenges. We will continue to enhance the citizen experience, support and evolve existing IT systems, help agencies navigate and execute on their digital modernization roadmaps — and then thrive.

We know our clients and we understand their missions. We have partnered with them to enhance their core applications and help them map out their plans for the future. For some, we’ve been a steady constant amid change. Managing and modernizing large and complex systems is just what we do. And when we invest in our ability to innovate, as we have done with the Attain acquisition, we ensure are best positioned to keep doing just that.

As our nation continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic and its rippling impacts, we stand at the ready to leverage our expertise in delivering large-scale programs to support the nation. The American Recovery Plan, continued investments into the Technology Modernization Fund and recent discussions of a multi-trillion dollar jobs plan all mean that the government’s ability to serve the people is going to become more essential than ever.

We have in front of us a unique opportunity to bring further innovation, automation, and leading-edge technology capabilities that scale to our clients, and growth opportunities to our best asset — our people.

Today we are a stronger Maximus. The seamless integration of Attain into our family means we can continue to build and strengthen the customer relationships we have.

Looking forward, I have no doubt that Maximus will continue to be the trusted partner agencies turn to when they need critical expertise, forward-thinking innovation applied pragmatically, and programs executed flawlessly.

To our new Attain colleagues, we’re excited you’re here. We’re looking forward to all we’ll do together. And our combined capabilities position us well for continued growth and excellent performance for our clients. I can’t wait to see what the future brings.