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We are excited to share that two of our digital solutions projects have received international acclaim, earning Platinum Hermes Creative Awards. These awards honor global marketing and communications professionals for their outstanding contributions to traditional, digital, and emerging media. Competing against some of the world's top talent, media conglomerates, and Fortune 500 companies, our teams showcased how innovation can drive significant social impact.

First, our Pennsylvania Independent Enrollment Broker (PA IEB) project earned recognition for transforming the way we support aging adults and individuals with disabilities. We developed a simple, accessible, and secure website that streamlines service provision, reduces waiting times for benefits delivery, and ensures all information is easy to comprehend. With the aid of our Digital Experience Hub (DX Hub), we combined two websites into one central point of access, revolutionizing the way beneficiaries interact with their long-term services and supports and Community Health Choices programs.

The second award highlighted our creative use of social media in the Maricopa County Job Seeker Initiative. Without a dedicated website, we turned to social media to connect job seekers with career coaches, vocational skills development, and various employment support services. In just one month, the initiative had a remarkable impact, generating a 2,200% increase in audience size and a 10,000% increase in social media reach.

We are incredibly proud of the teams behind these projects, and we are grateful for the recognition by the Hermes Creative Awards. At Maximus, we believe in the power of digital solutions to make positive and lasting changes in the world, and these awards serve as a testament to our commitment.