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Large businesses like Maximus recognize the value of partnering with small businesses to gain access to set-asides, and niche capabilities. By creating these partnerships, large businesses can improve their competitive edge, expand their market reach, and increase their p-win on opportunities. But not all advantages are only for the large, small businesses gain a chance to build their past performance, access more resources, and form valuable relationships through these partnerships.

Advantages for large businesses

  • Access to set-asides
    • The government identifies the percentage of contracts that must go toward small business set-asides. This percentage allows small businesses to have the ability to grow and flourish in the economy without larges pillaging all the work. As a large it is important to form partnerships with all different types of small business set-asides to be able to still go after the work sectioned off.
  • Niche capabilities
    • In most cases small businesses have a specialized set of capabilities that large businesses lack. Large businesses usually possess a wide variety of capabilities that span across several task areas but don’t have expertise in those fields. Partnering allows for larges to tap into the small business expertise/knowledge and enhance their overall service to the government.

Advantages for small businesses

  • Build past performance library
    • Partnering with large businesses isn’t always easy, but when the right partnerships are formed it allows for the small to gain past performance in size/scope/complexity. Large’s have a proven track record providing services to multiple customers so when smalls partner, they get to establish a name for themselves off the back of the large.
  • Access to large business resources
    • A lot of the time the reason small businesses can’t submit proposals on contracts they are qualified for is because they simply don’t have the resources to be able to. Large businesses provide these small businesses with the resources they need to expand their footprint and expertise.
  • Forming relationships that go further than opportunities
    • It’s all about who you know not what you know. Forming partnerships allows for connections to be made all across the government contracting world. These relationships can open doors to numerous things such as future work or even future partnerships.

Overall, partnerships help out both parties involved in many different ways. For the small business, it allows them to enhance their past performance, tap into a pool of resources provided by the large and build a name for themselves in the federal government space. For large businesses, these partnerships help them give back to the small business community, acquire expertise they don’t possess and go after opportunities across several different set-asides.

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