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Our Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Michael Weiner, has authored "Putting Citizens on Upward Spirals of Health and Economic Well-Being: Why Addressing the Social and Economic Needs of Families Is Key" one of the featured articles in the October issue of Policy & Practice, which focused on social determinants of health (SDOH).

It’s worth a read — as he lays out some eye-opening insight into intersections of social and economic factors with health outcomes. Relying on a recent survey of employment, transportation, education and other needs in the state of West Virginia, Dr. Weiner argues that fostering employment may be the most important health initiative that state governments can undertake in the next decade.

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"Take a map and plot out where healthy food, access to transportation, medical care, and other critical social resources are—and that is where you are going to find healthy people. Every state’s Medicaid system can save millions, even billions of dollars, by being smart about matching up SDOH with where at-risk people live and work."

You can also find the full issue of Policy & Practice here:

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