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Image of Raysa Capellan-Fender

Why do you think it’s important for companies to invest in a DE&I strategy?

It is important to invest in a DE&I strategy because it not only benefits the diversity of people in the company but also attracts different minds, and this helps drive innovation. Overall, it is a good moralistically and business-wise.

Why did you join the ERG?

I joined the ERG because I wanted to be involved in something that I thought was important, and I think that women's voices are important.

What’s the most exciting experience you have had as a member of the ERG?

I had the opportunity to run for secretary of the ERG, but I was also able to contribute and assist in setting it up with helping the name be chosen. It felt great to help in that regard.

What’s the biggest impact you think the ERG can have on Maximus and/or the community?

I think the biggest impact that the ERG can have on Maximus is to have different women's voices be heard within the company. Because women are often in the service areas, I believe that we can open the doors to many more discussions that invite much diversity to the corporate table. I also think that the ERG can help empower other women as they come into the company. People are watching Maximus, and the ERG initiative itself can help foster change in the corporate world.