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The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) is responsible for the Country’s employment policy and planning. For more than 14 years, Maximus has supported DOL in its mission, most recently working to help it consolidate, manage and align more than 25 subcontractors in order to bring efficiency and consistency to its enterprise IT services. Today, the team offers agency-wide IT support and information assurance as part of a shared services model. We work across more than 20 agencies, 9 data centers, 20,000 users in 400 offices supporting over 175 applications and more than 85 business intelligence and relational database management systems – 24/7.

Maximus accomplished all of this by combining years of knowledge of the agency, its mission and its systems with business process optimization and new, technical staff and capabilities. The team worked hard to maintain a familial environment – with lots of long-tenured staff who know the agency inside and out, while bringing incredible technical depth and performance – with top ISO, ITIL, PMI and CMMI certifications

Across the contract, the nearly 200-person Maximus team supports server, database and network management projects; email, internet and help desk support; cloud services; enterprise messaging; application maintenance; mobile computing; datacenter management; continuous improvement; Agile & DevSecOps projects.

Additionally, there is a major commitment to modernization within DOL, and Maximus is pleased to be part of the effort. We are helping with projects like cloud migration and ITIL-based service delivery, for example.

The technical performance, the depth and knowledge of our team, and our success in helping to streamline enterprise IT services overall has resulted in a very happy customer. We have excellent CPARs and customer PDQs. We look forward to continuing to support this important customer and its mission for years to come.