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In 2003, Maximus contracted with eight healthcare licensing boards in California to operate the state’s diversion program — a voluntary program that offers services to licensed professionals struggling with substance abuse or mental illness. The program provides the necessary counseling, treatment and monitoring to encourage returning to work while establishing long-term recovery practices.

In September 2017, Maximus partnered with Mozzaz, a digital health company, to implement its mobile patient engagement solution. Goals for the mobile tool within the diversion program are to further decrease the relapse rate and increase program participation. To achieve these goals, the tool focuses on program participants and staff alike. For participants, the tool streamlines required program documentation, enables easy communication with case managers including video check-ins, and manages meetings and upcoming commitments from the personalized calendar. For staff, the tool allows monitoring participant activity, creating and maintaining participant care plans, assigning participants to specific case managers, and providing peer education and support.

The continued success of the program offers an effective model for protecting public health and safety, treating addiction and helping recovering individuals return safely to productive lives.