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Since 1997, Maximus has served as the enrollment broker for the nation’s largest Medicaid program, California's Medi-Cal, California Health Care Options (HCO). In support of the HCO program’s goals, we provide Medi-Cal applicants and beneficiaries with accurate, unbiased health information and assist with their health plan selection and enrollment.

In 2013, we worked with the California Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) to transition the State’s Children’s Health Insurance Program, Healthy Families, into its Medi-Cal program – impacting nearly one million beneficiaries. Over a 15-month transition period, Maximus performed beneficiary education and support services and system changes to ensure the Healthy Families population successfully transitioned to Medi-Cal managed care.

During the transition, Maximus developed, translated and produced program-specific materials that were mailed to the Healthy Families population, as well as conducted targeted beneficiary support through the HCO Telephone Call Center. Leveraging all available resources, Maximus expanded and used existing systems infrastructure, facilities and vendors to support this transition project.