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Most Americans think about the IRS at tax time. But for nearly 30 years, the Maximus team has lived and breathed the IRS 24/7, 365. We maintain, support and operate the technology and systems that ensure Americans can securely file timely and accurate tax returns and that ensure continuity of funding for the entire U.S. Federal Government.

As a result of this experience and continuous performance, Maximus Federal is the most knowledgeable, dependable, committed and invested partner supporting the IRS today and to help guide them into the future. We combine legacy knowledge and domain expertise with the right people, processes, and technology to deliver mission success for our IRS customer, and to ensure success as the agency modernizes. The IRS trusts us to solve problems for them, and by extension, the American taxpayer.

Our breadth and depth at the IRS span over 250 employees and numerous programs many driven by last-minute legislation. These include software maintenance and development, data management, Agile development, case management, network engineering and capacity management, citizen engagement, and more.

We have unparalleled knowledge of the critical Master File and have in-house experience deployed at the IRS in areas like Docker, OpenShift, cloud-based solutions, analytics, Hadoop, Spark, Tableau, RedHat and Splunk. We’ve supported service-oriented architectures, web services, cybersecurity, DevOps, scaled agile and more. We’re enabling RPA and AI tools to help the IRS bridge the gap to modernization as they ready to meet the ever-increasing demands of the taxpayer. 

We consider ourselves an extension of the IRS team. We employ many ex-IRS staff who are experts on the agency and its systems, as well as where there are opportunities to improve. We train IRS staff on their programs and within the local community, to develop a pool of knowledgeable talent from which the IRS can recruit – providing IRS-focused curriculum with local educational institutions.

The Maximus team has supported the IRS through 28 filing seasons and 16 successful GAO audits. We’ve helped it evolve as legislation passed by Congress forced changes to its policies – such as the Affordable Care Act or various tax reform measures.

Our knowledge of the customer, our long-tenured support of the agency, our commitment to the mission and our performance have all resulted in exceptional CPAR scores year after year, and customer accolades like: “I wish every vendor was like you!” We’re proud of this recognition and look forward to continuing to earn it for years to come.