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As part of a concerted effort to make Medicaid enrollment and selection more straightforward, faster, and less costly, Maximus developed the Healthy Louisiana app — a custom-built eligibility and enrollment app for mobile devices. 

The results speak for themselves

Teaming up with Maximus as its trusted partner, the Louisiana Department of Health has taken a holistic approach to applicant service through adopting a multichannel strategy to advance the Department's mission. Maximus continuously supports the state's outreach strategy across the web, social media, email, and through a dedicated, purpose-built smartphone app.
The Healthy Louisiana app is available free of charge on Google Play and the Apple App Store. User ratings for the app have consistently outperformed platforms for interfacing with healthcare plans and providers — and presently, the app holds 4.4 and 4.5 ratings (out of five) on the Android and iOS platforms, respectively.
The secure, HIPAA-compliant app features strong authentication and encryption to protect beneficiaries' Protected Health Information (PHI) and Personally Identifiable Information (PII). Additionally, the app is multilingual and Section 508 compliant with built-in availability for assistive technology, ensuring accessibility for beneficiaries.

Rather than mirror traditional processes and paper forms, our interface developers and UX designers used accessible, familiar, and intuitive prompts and functionality. Using best practices learned from private-sector research and results-driven commercial customer interfaces, we created an enrollment experience that users repeatedly call "easy to use." 

We are just getting started

Of course, delivering the app is just the beginning. The Citizen Journey® methodology emphasizes responsiveness and ease of use. Rather than unrealistically expecting citizens seeking government services to learn new ways of communicating and forcing them to use unfamiliar interfaces — we aim to deliver tools that people find familiar. Updates to the application will roll out continuingly, and iterative improvements based on user feedback and enrollment metrics will continue.  

Increasingly, consumers are abandoning PCs in favor of mobile devices with touch screens as their preferred means of interfacing with online shopping, research, and customer service. This trend is especially true for households with limited means. Agencies that anticipate and prepare for the rise of mobile-optimized experiences over traditional website interfaces will be in a better position to deliver services, meet consumer expectations, and manage costs. Learn more about digital transformation solutions.

Better user experiences reduce costs and free state resources

Helping people more readily access information and services from governments doesn't just benefit the public. By fostering efficiency and improving the Citizen Journey, our expertise and solutions free up time and resources at our client agencies. We work with health departments to best manage limited resources and personnel, identify high-touch cases, and pivot skilled workers to address complex issues and high-value projects. Our tools free your people and your budget to focus on the work that matters most.