Master Agreement through NASPO Citizen Engagement Platforms

In cooperation with NASPO ValuePoint®, and led by the State of Utah, Maximus is an approved Citizen Engagement Platform vendor that can support website modernization efforts for any state.

Services Offered

The Maximus Citizen Engagement Platform solution offers a platform-as-a-service tool that:

  • Enables states to quickly and easily develop and deploy citizen-facing websites and mobile applications using the Maximus Digital Experience Hub (DXHub)
  • Configure and launch informational websites, online forms, transactional workflows or other digital experiences in less time than custom development
  • Integrate with state or vendor-owned backend systems of record or payment processors to deliver applications, workflows and transactions to your constituents
  • Develop websites that meet or exceed accessibility, regulatory and compliance requirements
  • Use robust analytics tools to identify user behaviors and pain points, and make thoughtful improvements to online journeys and experiences
  • Deliver services to your constituents using our proven approach to project management
  • Confidently and securely manage PII, PHI and other protected data

How to Order Services from Maximus

1. Please email with your request.
2. Prepare a Statement of Work (SOW) consisting of the documents below in compliance with the Terms and Conditions of this Master Agreement and submit to Maximus:

  • A Participating Entity’s Participating Addendum (“PA”);
  • The State of Utah Agreement titled, “Contract between the Utah Division of Purchasing and Maximus.”

3. These documents shall be read to be consistent and complementary. Any conflict among these documents shall be resolved by giving priority to these documents in the order listed above. Contractor terms and conditions that apply to this Master Agreement are only those that are expressly accepted by Utah and must be in writing and attached to this Master Agreement as an Appendix or Attachment.
4. Upon selection of Maximus, begin SOW and pricing negotiations.
5. With both parties in agreement, submit a purchase order that includes our Master Agreement Number: AR3758View our contract page.

Maximus Contact Information

Robert Knapp, Executive Managing Director, Digital Government Services
1600 Tysons Blvd
McLean, VA 22102