Greenhouse Gas Inventory


As a responsible organization whose business activities have a global reach, Maximus has an important role in contributing efforts to reduce our impact on the environment of the communities in which we live anda work.

As a company that primarily provides business process services to local, state, federal, and international government, Maximus has a relatively small environmental footprint. However, we remain committed to ensuring responsible environmental practices in each of our communities. This is done through energy reduction efforts, such as energy-saving lighting in our facilities which provides not only greener solutions, but also more cost-effective measures for the Company.

In 2019, Maximus launched an initiative to begin measuring and disclosing our environmental impact, guided by global standardized frameworks such as the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Protocol, the Carbon Disclosure Project, and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

Our overall sustainability strategy includes voluntary measures to minimize GHG emissions and energy use, track environmental risks, and improve environmental data collection and visibility. Our strategy is a cross-functional effort working with corporate real estate, corporate responsibility, finance, and operations. Updates are regularly reported to the Board of Director’s Nominating and Governance Committee, ensuring continued progress towards meeting goals of reducing environmental impact and risk exposures across the organization.

U.S. Greenhouse Gas Footprint at a glance

Note: Our fiscal year 2019 baseline GHG inventory was re-calculated to meet our expanding efforts.

* Data was not tracked during this year.

Maximus Greenhouse Gas Reduction Target

Conservation Highlights