Investing in our Hattiesburg employees and communities

At Maximus, we want our employees to unlock their true potential. We help them to advance their careers and empower them to become more. We recognize how we work is as important to our people as what we accomplish. We are committed to supporting our people to explore, learn, and grow.

Moving employees forward

We provide opportunities for employees to turn a job into a long-lasting career. Resume workshops, team building, and free learning resources are just a few of the ways we help with their career. Hear from our employees about our culture of advancement.

Our employees are active members of the Hattiesburg community

Our employees share a desire to make a difference – both in their work and in the community they call home.

Our employees have hosted a Toys for Tots drive, provided food and supplies donations through Christian Services, Ronald McDonald House, and Fieldhouse for the Homeless, and donated school supplies to local schools. They also participated in fun runs that benefited the Hattiesburg Fire Department, volunteered to build a house with Habitat for Humanity, and most recently held a drive to collect and deliver water to residents in and around Jackson.

Impacting the community

We thrive because of our communities and the people that live and work in the area. At Maximus, we believe in making investments in our social responsibilities and engage in activities that further local causes. We are committed to supporting our people are moving people forward. Hear what our employees have to say about they are impacting their communities. 

Moving people forward as a corporate citizen

Maximus and our staff are more than the work we do. We choose to work in ways that maximize our positive impact while minimizing the environmental impacts we make on communities.

How we work

Adriane Virgil

"During my time with Maximus, I have worked with so many wonderful people and built many long-lasting relationships."

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Crystal Hurt

"The best part of my career has been my growth as a leader, an influencer, and becoming the best I can be for my children."

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Shannon McMurry

"The best part about moving up through the ranks in the company was gaining knowledge in every step."

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Leann Price

"Whichever path I choose, I feel this company will support my endeavors. I am very grateful to have such an amazing career with Maximus."

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Shaquille Davis

"Thanks to the project, I’m now able to apply everything I learned to my current role in IT including a stronger work ethic, sharper critical thinking skills, leadership skills, and personal growth."

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Whitney Hines

"As a single mother, I am also thankful for the work-life balance Maximus has provided me. Having a set schedule with consistent hours and good pay has allowed me to plan for appointments and school events."

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Phillandes McNair

"My initial motivation to start advancing and growing in Maximus was sparked by other people within the company. They encouraged and supported me in such a way, that it caused me to want to do the same thing and more for others that I will encounter along the way."

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Railonnie Brooks

"I have worked in call center customer service for over 30 years, and it was not until I joined the Maximus family that I felt a sense of importance and purpose. Maximus has offered me life-changing opportunities."

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