Maximus IVA

Intelligent Tools and Automation

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Powering seamless citizen experiences

We combine conversational AI with real-time human-assisted understanding to deliver solutions that offer a seamless service experience.

The Maximus IVA: Delivering the next generation of citizen service   

When citizens reach out to their government for assistance, their first interaction is often with the dreaded IVR. Because of its inflexible and limited set of options, the citizen can become easily frustrated at the IVRs inability to address their needs. At Maximus, we use an Intelligent Virtual Assistant (IVA) that utilizes proven speech recognition and natural language processing to enable citizens to communicate conversationally so they can get what they need – quickly and easily.

Intelligent Automation

We turn bold ideas into impactful solutions to transform the future of government.

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Intelligent Document Processing

Improving data quality through optical character recognition (OCR) and intelligent character recognition (ICR) we are automating data extraction from handwritten and machine-printed forms to streamline data entry procedures.

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IVA, Chatbots, and Self-Service

Enhancing the customer experience by offering Live Chat and Virtual Assistant capabilities (AI-powered knowledge base, Chatbot, and integrated Advanced Chatbot features) enabling faster service, and promoting customer self-service.

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Robotics Process Automation (RPA)

Creating ease with automation to help customers streamline processes to operate workflows without human intervention.

We make experiences better and easier to use


chat implementations handling over 1.76 million interactions


RPA bots processed 4.7 million transactions


documents translated into 46 languages

Transforming the citizen experience

By combining speech and natural language technology with human-assisted artificial intelligence (AI), the Maximus Intelligent Assistant enables citizens to request assistance in a conversational manner ─ as if they were speaking with a live agent. With this improved experience and automated interaction, the Intelligent Assistant provides citizens with a true self-service option and addresses the problems of current voice technologies, getting deeper into the call purpose and giving agencies enhanced analytics about their customers.

We push IVAs further, expanding human capacity to make better decisions and implement smarter actions faster. Maximus Intelligent Assistant makes what was once impossible possible.

The power of partnership

Maximus and our partners provide state-of-the-art technologies to deliver omnichannel engagement, conversational AI, and insights and data to deliver an optimal customer experience.

We drive innovation

Transformation can’t wait for tomorrow, it starts today. We are piloting new solutions to introduce artificial intelligence into our operations, using virtual agents to streamline the citizen experience, developing mobile apps, and introducing efficiency with RPA - all right now.

We see the big picture

We focus on a holistic view of operations to streamline the day-to-day. We seek to understand the needs of the operation first, then introduce transformative technology solutions that transform program delivery and improve CX.

We reduce risk

Using our extensive experience delivering government services at the national, state, and local levels, we anticipate the operational impacts of change and minimize potential risks. Providing leading-edge technologies and proven implementation.