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MaryAnn Monroe

Vice President, Total Experience

MaryAnn Monroe is responsible for developing and integrating Maximus Federal's customer experience strategy into its culture and business strategy. She focuses on understanding and aligning customers’ needs and expectations with the Maximus Federal strategic business objectives to enhance government services and elevate customer experiences to achieve the highest levels of satisfaction, performance, and outcomes.   

Before joining Maximus, MaryAnn served as director of customer experience, chief of staff, and director of USAGov Contact Center for Technology Transformation Service (within General Services Administration), director of the Cancer Information Service for the National Cancer Institute and National Institutes of Health, director of customer success (public sector) for eGain Corporation, and director of customer experience for HighPoint Global. 

MaryAnn received the Service to the Citizen CX Trailblazer award in 2019 from Dorris Consulting International (DCI) and is an alumna of the 2016 Partnership for Public Service Excellence in Government Fellowship Program. She holds a bachelor’s degree in health science and policy/health administration. 

Get to know our leaders

What do you love most about your work? 

I love "moving the needle" in everything I do, including improving government services and experiences we deliver to citizens and customers every day. Throughout my career, every job has had this focus. It's all about the impact we have and the value we bring to our agency clients and their end customer. We are an extension of the agencies we serve while making a difference in people’s lives with the products and services we deliver every day. This is what energizes me to get up every morning and put my best effort forward. 

What separates excellent programs from average ones? 

Excellent programs centralize around customers and their needs. It's how we do business every day with our “customer lens” on all the time, prioritizing our initiatives around customers. When we have that customer understanding, it enables us to prioritize and invest resources in delivering innovative programs, products, and services. Excellent programs empower employees to provide feedback and to own and solve problems. In my experience, those organizational cultures that are transparent, collaborative, and proactive problem solvers are the ones that are high performing and deliver excellence.  Average programs focus on meeting minimum requirements. We must strive to go higher. There are many attributes that spur a program to excellence: lead with passion, provide employees the tools and continuous training they need to deliver on agency missions and customer expectations, and be relentless in understanding customer needs to drive improvement and innovation.    

What do you think about the role of technology in improving government programs? 

Technology is an enabler for better experiences. It enables us to deliver seamless and secure services to customers. It can improve our lives by making services accessible and easy to use by all people. Putting customers at the center of designing services is critical. We must involve the people who will use the service (or product) from the beginning and throughout the design and development process in any technology product or service we deliver.