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Maximus Video Podcast. Jesenia Gonzalez, Sara Grace Chan, Dominic Augustine, Joanne Ruan

Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) ERG members share their stories during AANHPI Heritage Month

ERGs Unplugged is our internal diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) podcast, where we take a deeper dive into the power of our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). In our second episode, we chatted with Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) ERG members Joanne Ruan, Dominic Augustine, and Sara-Grace Chan in celebration of AANHPI Heritage Month.

The Asian American, Native Hawaiian, and Pacific Islanders (AANHPI) ERG is committed to a culture of belonging, nurturing leadership potential, and championing diversity and inclusivity within the organization. In their discussion, our panelists share unique stories and perspectives on their experience with the group with DE&I Manager Jesenia Gonzalez.

Joanne Ruan discusses the role AANHPI plays in connecting people working in a remote or hybrid environment.

Dominic Augustine shares how AANHPI empowers him to evolve and learn.

Sara-Grace Chan explains the importance of including those who don’t identify as AANHPI in the ERG.

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