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We announced today an agreement with Genesys® to offer the Maximus Genesys Engagement Platform (“Engagement Platform”), an integrated, cloud-based omnichannel contact center solution. Now federal, state, and local agencies can adhere to government mandates to improve citizen experience using a U.S. Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program (FedRAMP)-authorized solution leveraging technology from Genesys, a long-time global leader in cloud customer experience and contact center solutions.

Federal mandates, including the President’s Management Agenda and the OMB Circular No. A-11 Memo require government agencies to attempt to provide seamless customer experiences similar to those offered in the private sector and help improve the citizen experience. This often requires transitioning away from legacy, on-premise systems to modern cloud-based solutions.

“Maximus is delighted to help government agencies improve the Citizen Journey by transitioning contact center infrastructure to the cloud so they can take advantage of the security, scalability and flexibility it offers,” said Bruce Caswell, President and Chief Executive Officer of Maximus. “This partnership with Genesys combines the power of our trusted solution platform, long utilized by government agencies for contact center operations, with enhanced features of the Genesys technology, and an integrated support and engineering team. The Engagement Platform will enable agencies to deliver an optimized, omnichannel experience to citizens through a singular platform solution, focusing on end-user outcomes with the peace of mind FedRAMP authorization provides.”

Protecting citizen data in the cloud

The Engagement Platform provides a rapidly scalable solution designed to help agencies hindered by aging technologies that can no longer meet the expectations of citizens, siloed infrastructures that have grown too complex to manage and scale, or both. The solution also enables agencies to handle surges in inquiry volumes and equip a remote workforce if economic, environmental, or global health crises warrant it.

Powered by Genesys Engage™, the Engagement Platform provides an integrated set of features and functionalities that employees need to serve customers seamlessly across channels through a single voice and digital user interface. The solution provides the ability to integrate calls, emails, chats, messages, and social comments into one uninterrupted conversation — including leveraging more than one channel at once for multi-modal communications and customer convenience — all without losing critical context. This enables agencies to deliver a connected experience across every touchpoint.

“We’re proud the Maximus Genesys Engagement Platform has met the high bar of security requirements that Maximus provides to government agencies,” said Tony Bates, Chief Executive Officer, Genesys. “The cloud solution gives agencies the flexibility, scalability and rapid innovations they need without the hassles of upgrades and maintenance. In addition, it makes it easier for agencies to adopt artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and automation applications so they can deliver truly remarkable experiences.”

Visit the FedRAMP Marketplace or for more information about adopting Maximus Genesys Engagement Platform in your contact center.


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