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Multiple award $2.6 billion Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) will support the IRS plan to modernize its infrastructure to deliver world-class customer service to taxpayers.

Today we announced the award and signing of a new Blanket Purchase Agreement by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) for the Enterprise Development, Operations Services (EDOS) contract. The multiple award BPA has a seven-year period of performance and allows Maximus to compete for task orders with a combined ceiling of $2.6 billion.

As a prime contractor and leader in development, modernization, and enhancement (DME) services, Maximus has the ability to support, through subsequent task orders, the modernization, and transformation of the agency’s technology infrastructure. This work will bring together more than 400 IRS systems while reducing operations and maintenance costs.

“The IRS laid out an ambitious plan to transform how the agency provides services and capabilities to improve the taxpayer experience as well as IRS internal operations. Maximus, through our excellent IRS team and modernization expertise, will deliver on that plan and taxpayer experience,” said Teresa Weipert, General Manager, Maximus Federal.

This award continues Maximus’ service as a trusted partner to federal agencies, including the IRS, for modernization and transformation. “Maximus has been at the forefront of supporting federal agencies as they transform their technology to deliver improved services in support of their mission. We are excited to offer our modernization capabilities to the IRS and continue the support we have provided to the IRS for more than three decades,” said Bruce Caswell, President, and Chief Executive Officer, Maximus. “Through this contract, Maximus is proud to play a role in IRS’s journey to a new and improved taxpayer experience for the future of government.”