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Maximus will help IRS with large-scale cloud migration and train IRS employees on new systems and technologies

We were awarded two contracts from the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) worth a combined $151 million. The two contracts, awarded on the GSA Alliant 2 contract vehicle, will allow a continued partnership between Maximus and the Agency, which initially began in 1991.

The first contract is a $76 million task, funded by the Office of the Chief Information Officer, with the Treasury Department’s IRS to provide Masterfile System Programming Support Services. Under this contract, Maximus will conduct a variety of work for IRS, including implementation of legislation such as the American Recovery Plan and training internal IRS employees for future filing seasons while maintaining the current technology infrastructure.

The second contract is a $75 million Development, Infrastructure, Security and Modernization (DISM) task to support the Treasury Department’s IRS Office of the Chief Information Officer to provide Technology Integration Office support. As part of the contract, Maximus will assist the IRS with its technology infrastructure, which will include shifting specific content to the cloud for the first time.

“We have a unique and unmatched ability to both support the annual filing season and improve the technology infrastructure, all with an unwavering commitment to deliver for the IRS,” said Teresa Weipert, President and General Manager of Maximus Federal.

The Maximus team for IRS ensures continuity of filing for the U.S. Federal Government with secure, timely, and accurate returns for more than 160 million individual American taxpayers, as roughly 30 percent of the team are comprised of former IRS employees with the other 70 percent comprised of technologists and technical program managers.

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, Maximus helped the IRS meet the increased needs of citizens, through the distribution of relief payments in 2020 and 2021, as well as extensions and special exemptions during filing season including support for the IRS Call Center for information on Economic Impact Payments (EIP). With the implementation of new technology and the work completed through these two contracts, Maximus will help the IRS turn its modern vision for the agency into reality.