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Decorated industry veteran to lead company’s Technology Solution Strategy and Implementations for Federal Agencies

Today we announced that Joe Jeter had been named the company’s new Senior Vice President for Federal Technology. In this role, Jeter will lead the company’s technology strategy and approach for federal agencies, utilizing his years of experience specializing in technology strategy development, process improvement, and operational execution.

“Joe has proven himself as one of the true leaders in the federal technology space, in particular through his unique ability to identify and adopt emerging technologies that can deliver value and mission acceleration,” said Teresa Weipert, General Manager, Federal Services, Maximus. “As we look to 2023 and beyond, our focus as a company is helping federal agencies develop and implement large enterprise IT programs that require innovative solutions to improve service delivery, increase productivity, and bolster trust with the general public.”

Jeter’s acumen for managing IT enterprise systems stems from his early years as a systems engineer at Verizon, and his career progressed through large-scale IT strategy and systems delivery with Unisys Corp, global telecommunications firms, and leading private equity firms. Jeter’s career highlights include developing a cyber security organization and global network of cyber operation centers to support application and broadband reliability.

Additionally, Jeter developed the architecture for Armed Forces Radio and Television Network’s streaming services as well as the first SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platform to support the Virginia Lottery’s business intelligence requirements.

“The Maximus team has set itself apart from competitors through an approach to modernization that focuses on best-in-class technology combined with an intimate knowledge of the challenges facing federal agencies,” said Jeter. “It’s an approach that I believe in, as there’s unlimited potential for what federal agencies can accomplish through technology, particularly emerging technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning. Additionally, offering FedRamp-ready solutions is game-changing. It’s an exciting time to join a company that continues to grow and push the boundaries of what’s possible in federal technology.”