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Better solutions for better lives

We use our decades of experience to design, develop and deliver innovative and impactful health and human service programs. We are driven by a mission to strengthen communities and improve the lives of those we serve.

A leading provider of health and human services worldwide


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Transforming lives and achieving program goals

For more than 40 years, MAXIMUS has partnered with state, federal and local governments to provide communities with critical health and human service programs. We leverage our extensive experience to develop high-quality services and solutions that are cost effective and tailored to each communities' unique needs.

We offer governments the ability to implement programs rapidly with scalable operations and automated systems. From Medicaid and Medicare to welfare-to-work and program modernization, our comprehensive solutions help governments run effectively and efficiently to achieve their goals.

Transforming lives and achieving program goals

An international leader in government services

With offices in six countries, we have built a significant capacity to deliver measurable results on an international scale. We take great pride in our work, which is why we are the best at what we do.

MAXIMUS offers the unique advantage of having a global presence with a local focus while maintaining a clear understanding of the communities in which we serve. Highlights of our work include:

  • Leading administrator of Medicaid enrollment broker services in the U.S.
  • Answer more than 7 million calls per month at our contact centers
  • Perform more than 1.6 million assessment annually worldwide
  • Premier provider of workforce-centered services in the U.S., Australia, U.K., Canada, Singapore and Saudi Arabia 
  • Deliver modernized solutions with integrated digital platforms to enhance the user experience and improve efficiencies
An international leader in government services


  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified

    California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Independent Bill Review (IBR)

    California Department of Industrial Relations (DIR) Independent Medical Review (IMR)

    California Diversion Program

    California Health Care Options

    California Medi-Cal

    Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) Qualified Independent Contractor (QIC) AdQIC

    Fit for Work (U.K.)

    Georgia Families

    Health Management (U.K.)

    MAXEmployment (Australia)

    MAXSolutions (Australia)

    Medicare Part A (West), C, and D appeals programs

    New York Medicaid CHOICE

    New York Office for People With Development Disabilities (OPWDD) Assessments

    New York State of Health (NYSOH)

    Social Security Administration (SSA) Ticket to Work Program

    Tennessee Eligibility Redeterminations Processing

  • ISO 27001 Certified

    Fit for Work (U.K.)

    Health Management (U.K.)

  • SEQOHS Accredited

    Health Management (U.K.)

  • BenchmarkPortal Contact Centers of Excellence

    California Health Care Options

    Georgia Childcare and Parent Services

    Georgia Families

    Indiana Enrollment Broker

    New Jersey Health Care Profile

    New York Medicaid CHOICE

    New York Physician Profile

    Texas Enrollment Broker & Eligibility Support