PRISM Member Spotlight: Deborah Booth

How long have you worked for Maximus, and what is your job?

I started on the Contact Center Operations contract through Pearson in May 2006. I’ve been with the contract for a long time, but I have only been with Maximus since our integration from General Dynamics IT. As a call center training analyst, I support the CCO Training and Development team as the project analyst for the director. I organize and manage various project initiatives, including the quarterly standard operating procedure reviews and training career development initiatives. I also create and maintain training staff finance reports and handle some of the administrative tasks for the director.

Why do you think it’s important for companies to invest in a DE&I strategy?

People are more than just the work they can do. We bring a variety of backgrounds, life experiences, and viewpoints with us. These diverse experiences help us to find new ways to approach tasks that may never have been dreamed of if we didn’t encourage diversity. In addition, businesses are learning that one’s personal life and professional life can no longer be compartmentalized. By embracing the whole person, we have a chance to expand our knowledge not just of business practices but of our place in the world.

Why did you join the PRISM ERG?

My family is quite diverse, so having others that can relate to my experiences helps me to feel that I have a place in this business community. I also consider myself a life-long learner and know that I don’t know everything. So having other people with other experiences helps me to learn more about what is happening in the world around me.

What’s the most exciting experience you have had as a member of the PRISM ERG?

It has been amazing to find others who have similar interests and experiences! It has been a joy to talk to others who are earlier on their journey and share my stories of when I was at that point. If I can give others some insight into a possible path to take and give them hope that things will work out, then it gives me a great sense of connection and purpose.

What’s the biggest impact you think PRISM can have on Maximus and/or the community?

The biggest impact this group can have on Maximus is tied into the values of our company. We value collaboration: partnering to instill trust. The best way we can trust one another is to learn about and accept one another. We value compassion: empowering humanity by applying empathy. When we hear the stories of the people in this group, we can’t help but have empathy and feel for their struggles and accomplishments. We value respect: valuing the work we do, who we do it with, and the people we serve. When you have trust, and you have empathy, it only makes sense to have respect for each other’s individuality. Our community uses the phrase “Love is Love.” Those three words say so much.