PRISM Member Spotlight: Nick Moscatiello

How long have you worked for Maximus, and what is your job?

I have worked for Maximus as part of the New York State of Health project since September 2021. I began in our mailroom and have since moved over to the Quality Control Department, first as an administrator and, since January of this year, as an operations analyst.

Why do you think it’s important for companies to invest in a DE&I strategy?

I think it’s important because it benefits both the employees and the organization. It ensures employees feel seen and are able to express their true selves in the workplace. The ERG allows a wide variety of personalities and viewpoints to work side by side toward the goal of self-improvement and improving the organization as a whole. Ensuring there’s diversity at the decision-making table ensures that one group’s issues aren’t overlooked just because they may not affect or seem important to another group.

Why did you join the PRISM ERG?

I joined the PRISM ERG because I am a proud member of this community, and I think there is a lot for both participants and the company to gain from it. While we each have our own unique identities and stories, we all share a lot of the same experiences and feelings (both positive and some not-so-positive). There is a lot of strength in joint experiences that could be missed by not being a part of it. I’m grateful to be able to receive and contribute to that shared strength.

What’s the most exciting experience you have had as a member of the PRISM ERG?

It has been very exciting being a part of the monthly meetings when I can. It is cool to discuss opportunities and see so many people across the country come together to discuss issues that affect us. My area has a very large and vibrant LGBTQIA+ community, but that’s not the case in many locations; it’s exciting to be able to bring that sense of community and support to people who might not have it otherwise.

What’s the biggest impact you think PRISM can have on Maximus and/or the community?

I think creating this safe place for members of this community is an important step towards ensuring all employees feel seen, included, and respected at Maximus. This community also has so much to give back, whether it’s sharing resources (such as being able to update names in Workday to better reflect an employee’s true identity) or sharing experiences with people who may be struggling or questioning. The ERG is also an amazing resource for the families and loved ones of people in this community who might be looking for a way to better connect or understand what someone they care about is going through or experiencing.  A lot of these things seem small, but they save lives!