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Insights and action in a FedRAMP environment

Maximus partners with SuccessKPI to bring advanced reporting capabilities to our federal customers. SuccessKPI is a customer-focused organization with an all-in-one insight and action platform, making it easy for Maximus and our customers to work together seamlessly.

One of the biggest challenges facing agencies today usually is not the technology; it is working across multiple teams and functions of those teams to apply the right technology. SuccessKPI is uniquely positioned with Maximus to overcome these challenges and do it in a secure, FedRAMP environment to meet the Zero Trust expectation and requirement facing federal agencies. The Maximus and SuccessKPI methodology supports people, processes, and technology to provide an end-to-end view of your citizens’ journeys.

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Maximus and SuccessKPI Capability Highlights

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With SuccessKPI reporting, Maximus will create dashboards using your familiar data to create a customized solution that fits to your needs of traditional and advanced reporting.

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Cross-channel visibility

Combine multiple channels including SMS, IVA, and live phone calls to provide a full end to end map of the citizen journey.

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Speech and Sentiment Analytics

Maximus implements SuccessKPI’s AI-powered speech and sentiment analytics engines that enable teams to quickly aggregate all your data into powerful visualizations for actionable insights.

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Quality Management 

Begin with training and developing your teams to create a quality scorecard, then leverage automated quality management solutions to scale with your project to save time, valuable resources, and obtain cost savings.

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Emergency Management

Take immediate action on the most vulnerable cases. SuccessKPI and Maximus solutions work together to outline your organization's most critical issues and topics so you can act quicker and keep citizens at the center of the mission.

Our partnership at work

Transforming the contact center with next generation conversation analytics

Maximus partnered with SuccessKPI to create a robust reporting solution required by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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30% QM cost savings

Delivering a solution at the size and scale the CDC required meant that quality management was paramount. Maximus estimated the machine scoring enabled a 30% reduction in staffing costs for quality management and supervision at a higher rate of overall.

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At Maximus, we know that working together creates a powerful opportunity to achieve more for our clients and partners. Through our Alliance Partner Network, we bring new ideas, technologies, capabilities, and best practices to create change and transformation for our customers. If you are interested in working with Maximus and want to learn more, click the link below.