Maximus’ Veterans Evaluation Services (VES) delivers transformative mobile health care solutions to U.S. Veterans and their families

U.S. Veterans served their country honorably while possibly facing extraordinary health risks during their deployments and training exercises. Many Veterans conducted multiple combat missions overseas, causing their post-military health issues to be clinically complex. Unfortunately, Veterans can be a particularly vulnerable population when it comes to obtaining the health care they earned.

Providing quality care for Veterans has a strong precedent in American history, dating back as far as 1776. The mission of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) health care system is to provide this population with the medical services that are greatly deserved. The VA operates the country’s largest and most comprehensive, integrated health care system through the Veterans Health Administration (VHA).

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Services provided

  • Delivered mobile medical clinic equipped for hearing, dental, vision and general exams in a private, comfortable space
  • Recruited specialized driving services fully qualified to manage each mobile medical clinic
  • Identified additional resources, scalability and technology innovation that increases efficiencies and speed of delivery
  • Covering all four U.S. regions of services established by the VA

Success achieved

  • Deploying more than 6,500 clinicians in more than 3,000 locations in the U.S.
  • Delivering medical infrastructure to Veterans located in remote and low access areas
  • Providing equitable experiences for all Veterans with the same quality of services, privacy and professionalism as they would see in a traditional office

Delivering the best medical health experience for Veterans


Ensuring access to high-quality healthcare for military Veterans is an enormous task. Of the nearly 20 million Veterans in the U.S., 4.7 million live in rural America. Veterans located in rural areas can experience critical barriers to receiving optimal care, such as limitations in resources and ease of access, health literacy, and community disconnect.

Providing access to care to its increasing Veteran population is a VA mandate, which includes reaching underserved populations who cannot easily get to a VA service location. Because the number and complexity of Veteran health care disability claims are increasing each year, the VA must identify innovative and unconventional solutions for providing quality medical services to those who have served our nation.


Veterans Evaluation Services (VES), a Maximus company, fervently supports the VA in its mission by providing Veterans and transitioning service members with high-quality, timely, and accurate medical disability exams for national and international claims. The core members of the VES team are Veterans who have gone through the VA disability claims process themselves. This makes them uniquely qualified to understand Veterans’ needs and know that Veterans deserve the upmost respect, compassion, and care. A standard of excellence drives their services and is reflected in industry-leading quality scores.

Taking this level of quality service to Veterans, wherever they may be located, was priority number one for VES. By partnering with TESCO, a best-in-class mobile medical clinic provider, VES established a Veteran’s Mobile Service Units program. Maximus then brought additional resources, scalability, technology innovation that enhance the efficiency and speed at which the services can be provided.


Exceptional needs often call for exceptional solutions. Maximus is working hard to provide the best medical health experience for Veterans. Part of this remarkable service includes providing flexible locations for Veterans to have access to our professionally trained clinicians for exams. This creative strategy was deployed through a mobile medical service solution that best meets the challenges of serving our nation’s Veteran health care needs across the country, especially those individuals who can’t easily access a VA clinic or hospital. With the expanded mobile clinic services for Veterans, the VA is enabled to conduct an increased number of medical disability examinations.

This incredible capability for the VA provides mobile health, disability assessments and appeals on behalf of government is a significant step forward in giving immeasurable value to our Veterans. VES, a Maximus company, is honored to support and assist the VA by moving U.S. Veterans forward with mobile medical disability exams.