VETS ERG Spotlight – Karol Carrillo

How long have you worked for Maximus, and what is your job?

I’ve been with Maximus for seven years and I am a call center/webchat team supervisor.

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Why do you think it’s important for companies to invest in a DE&I strategy?

It’s important because it promotes fairness and equality within the organization.

Why did you join the VETS ERG?

I joined VETS to represent. I did not see many female Veterans in the group, and I wanted to inspire other female Veterans to join.

What’s the most exciting experience you have had as a member of the VETS ERG?

Being able to speak up about topics that I feel strongly about. For example, mental health and promotion of care packages for soldiers.

What’s the biggest impact you think VETS can have on Maximus and/or the community?

I think the biggest impact we can have is showing others that we support each other and that our duty to serve the community does not end with our military obligation.