VETS Leader ERG Spotlight Q&A

President: Karl Gatzke, Senior Call Center Manager, Federal Health Services (Navy)

Vice President: Michael Trinidad, Federal Facilities Technician (Army)

Secretary: Keith Egelston, Senior Human Resources Analyst (Air Force)


What is the mission and purpose of the VETS ERG?

Karl Gatzke: The VETS ERG is driven to strengthen the Veteran communities and allies within Maximus. We arrived at the ERG name VETS by combining the phrase "Veterans, family, and friends' Employee Resource Group. Thankful for your Service."

Michael Trinidad: We hope to improve the lives of those we work with by listening, networking, mentoring, and fostering communications across all business lines to promote connections, service, and awareness of this unique and talented workforce of Veterans.

Keith Egelston: Veterans bring a unique skill set to the corporate world, and by coming together as a group, we enable each other by utilizing our skills and experiences to help Maximus continue its success.

Why are ERGs important for Maximus?

Gatzke: For some, it is a safe space to commune and network. For others, it is a place to learn about other business units and activities the company offers.

Trinidad: ERGs are a great source of information within the Maximus community.

Egelston: Each person has a unique life story and background. Understanding our differences and utilizing our personal abilities in a joint environment helps foster a better place to work and live in harmony.

What initiatives are you most proud of so far?

Gatzke: We launched lunch & learn events spotlighting the mental health challenges Veterans face.

Trinidad: I'm proud to be a part of such a great organization that helps promote and encourages Veterans to find jobs within Maximus.

Egelston: We have been successful in helping to bridge the gap that many Veterans experience when transitioning into civilian life. We also can help with some of the challenges Veterans face during career changes by educating our leaders on the frequent undocumented abilities Veterans bring to the workplace.

What are the goals for your ERG in 2023 and beyond?

Gatzke: The goals for 2023 and beyond are to sustain the momentum that started with the launch and to grow our membership to every department within Maximus. Eventually, our goal is to open local chapters around the company and be the voice of Veterans.

Trinidad: We plan to increase membership and retention by the end of the year. To ensure our success, we have developed a recruiting and retention committee to take ownership of this goal.

Egelston: We want to provide members a place to learn about career tools and mentoring programs available to both those who need mentors and those who want to be mentors. Our goal is to develop members professionally. We also plan to increase awareness of mental health, career development paths, and exposure to internal and external resources that specialize and increase our professional development.

Anything you'd like to add?

Gatzke: Join the VETS Employee Resource Group.

Trinidad: With each new Veteran that comes into my local Maximus site, I tell them about the VETS Employee Resource Group and how it is made up of Veterans and military family members, friends, and allies.

Egelston: Veterans experience things in life far differently than anyone else. When we understand and accept these differences, we can use them to help achieve our personal and professional goals.