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In the first episode of HR Unplugged, a Maximus podcast series, Chief Human Resources Officer Michelle Link, meets with Rebecca Kenawell, Senior Vice President of Human Resources.

Since the pandemic, many companies are reconsidering employee engagement, Kenawell said, looking at how they can remain successful, but also provide the flexibility that their workers have come to prefer, and in some cases, expect.

Link and Kenawell discuss Maximus’ Global Employee Engagement Survey which found that many respondents liked the flexibility that a remote and/or hybrid environment provides. In addition, benefits that go beyond basic medical, dental, and vision are attractive to current and prospective employees. With expanded wellbeing benefits, Employee Assistance Program, professional development opportunities, tuition reimbursement, and mental health support, employees say they feel valued and heard.

Remote work opportunities have come with some challenges, Kenawell added. Working and living under the same roof puts a late email or work priorities at a close hand.

“It makes it a lot more tempting for people to keep going,” she explained. “While that’s valued from a human perspective, you have to have that balance. I think burnout has positioned itself a little bit differently than it used to.”

Balancing policies is also important, according to Link. Rather than creating policies for your least productive, rules should be designed to fit your best employees.

“You want to capture 80% of the scenarios, but not have it so locked down that you’re not flexible,” she added.

Watch the videos to learn more about what Maximus is doing to continually improve employee engagement, wellness, benefits, and career development.